Our tooling department works with your design to create permanent molds.

Design changes and alterations are included as part of the tooling charge, so you don't have additional cost to make design changes before final casting. Supply your technical drawings or use our service. Either way, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently your components come to life.

Custom Plastics Mold Formation

MEP tooling department employees at work creating a control console from CAD drawings. Each component is constructed using a temporary tool from which proototype parts are constructed. This allows for changes in component placment, dimensional changes, and fitting into hulls. It is common to see empty boat hulls in our tooling department with temporary components installed. By using actual prototype boat hulls, MEP employees will be able to perfectly fit all of the interior components. 


After the temporary tool has been finalized, a permanent tool is fashioned to create vacuum formed parts at high temperatures. In addition to the vacuum forming tools, CNC cutting tools will be created to facilitate precise cuts to every console or panel that is manufactured. Pictured here, a mold is being prepared to cast a liner which is glued to the bottom of pontoon boat tables. The resulting structure is extremely strong and lightweight.