Faria Gauges Technical Information

Installation Manual
Water Pressure Gauge IS0001d - Water Pressure Gauge installation instructions.
Temperature Gauge, Water/OIl IS0002f - Temperature gauge, Water/Oil installation instructions.
Temperature Gauge, Cylinder Head IS0003b - Temperature Gauge, Cylinder Head Outboard Motor installation instructions.
Voltmeter IS0004f - Voltmeter, 12/24 VDC installation instructions.
Ammeter IS0005c - Ammeter Installation Instructions.
Oil Pressure Gauge IS0007e - Oil Pressure Gauge Engine and Transmission installation instructions.
Fuel Level Gauge IS0008e - Fuel Level Gauge installation instructions.
Speedometer with Pitot Tube IS0010f - Speedometer with Pitot Tube, Mechanical installation instructions.
Hourmeter IS0011c - Hourmeter installation instructions.
Tachometer, Outboard IS0012u - Tachometer & Tach-Hourmeter-Outboard Motor installation instructions.
Tachometer, Inboard, Gas/Ignition IS0013e - Tachometer & Tach-Hourmeter-Inboard Gas/Ignition installation instructions.
Tachometer, Variable Ratio Alternator IS0015g - Tachometer & Tach-Hourmeter-Variable Ratio
Alternator & Switching Diesel installation instructions.
Trim Gauge IS0016h - Trim Gauge installation instruction.
Clock, Analog Quartz IS0023d - Clock, Analog Quartz installation instructions.
Battery Condition Indicator IS0029d - Battery Condition Indicator installation instructions.
Tachometer, Magnetic Pick-up IS0030d - Tachometer & Tach-Hourmeter-Magnetic Pick-up installation instructions.
Tachometer with Operator Warning System IS0031b - Tachometer with Operator Warning system, Outboard Motor installation instructions.
Fuel Level Sender - Standard IS0065f - Fuel Level Sender; Standard Marine 240-33 Ohm Single Station, 120-16.6 Ohm Dual Station installation instructions.
Rudder Angle Indicator IS0072c - Rudder Angle Indicator installation instructions.
Rudder Angle Sender IS0074c - Rudder Angle Sender installation instructions.
Fuel Level Sender - Metric IS0075g - Fuel Level Sender Metric Marine 10-180 ohm Single Station 5-90 ohm Dual Station installation instructions.
Adapter, 24VDC IS0076c - Adapters, 24 VDC installation instructions.
Synchronizer IS0079d - Synchronizer installation instructions.
Operator Warning System Gauge IS0080b - Operator Warning System Gauge installation instructions.
Synchronizer, Bracket Mount IS0081c - Synchronizer, Bracket Mount installation instructions.
Indicator Warning Lights IS0082b - Indicator Warning Lights installation instructions.
Compass IS0084d - Electronic Compass installation instructions.
Fuel Pressure Gauge IS0088c - Fuel Pressure Gauge installation instructions.
Vacuum & Turbo Boost Gauge IS0089b - Vacuum & Turbo Boost Gauge installation instructions.
Warranty - Faria Marine Instruments IS0090h - Warranty, Faria Marine Instruments. Check here for Warranty Service information
Depth Sounder IS0091f - Depth Sounder gauge installation instructions.
Combination Gauge IS0092b - Combination Gauge 4 in 1 installation instructions.
Speedometer, Electronic IS0105h - Speedometer, Electronic with Sensor, Installation instructions.
Speedometer, Commercial 5-inch IS0109b - Commercial 5-inch Speedometer installation instructions.
Pilot IS0123b - Pilot System installation and operation guide.
Pilot (French Translation) IS0123fb - Pilot System (French) - Installation and Operation manual in French.
Fuel Flow Manager IS0125e - Fuel Management System - Owners Manual
Commander Tach, Engine Running Only Hourmeter IS0128e - Commander Tachometer-Engine Running Only Hourmeter - Owners Manual (1.8mb)
Pilot with Ballast Level IS0130b - Pilot System with Ballast Level installation and operation guide.
Combination Gauge, Speedometer IS0131a - Combination Gauge, Speedometer, 5-inch, 3 in 1; Electronic and Sensor
Speedometer, Tigé Commander IS0135a - Tigé Commander Speedometer Owner’s Manual.
Tachometer, Tigé Commander IS0137d - Tigé Commander Tachometer Owner’s Manual.
Bombardier Depth Sounder IS0138c - Bombardier Depth Sounder Owner’s Manual
Bombardier Fuel Manager IS0139b - Bombardier Digital Fuel Manager Owner’s Manaul.
Commander (Speedometer) IS0140b - Commander Speedometer with Depth Sounder, Owners Manual
Depth Sounder, Flushmount IS0141c - Flush Mounted Depth Sounder installation and Owners Manual.
Bombardier Serial Bus IS0150a - Serial Bus for Evinrude FICHT Engines, Owner’s Manual (6.1mb)
CorrectCraft Serial Bus IS0151c - Serial Bus for CorrectCraft® Pleasurecraft™ GM Engines. Owner’s Manual (4.6mb)
Pilot I IS0152b - Pilot I Owner’s manual (1.2mb)
Pilot II IS0153c - Pilot II Owner’s manual (1.2mb)
J1939 CAN InfoCenter IS0156c - J1939 CAN InfoCenter™ Owner’s Manual (5.9mb)
Electronic, Programmable Speedometer IS0157a - Electronic, Programmable Speedometer Owner’s Manual.
Pilot I (French) IS0160a - Pilot I Owner's Manual in French.
Pilot II (French) IS0161a - Pilot II Owner's Manual in French.
Bombardier SystemCheck Commander Speedometer IS0163a - SystemCheck® Commander Speedometer with Depth Sounder Owner’s Manual (1.2mb)
Bombardier SystemCheck Commander Tachometer IS0164b - SystemCheck® Commander Tachometer, Owner’s Manual (2.2mb)
Suzuki, System Monitor IS0170b - Suzuki, System Monitor Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Hourmeter IS0171b - Suzuki, Hourmeter Installation Instructions.
Suzuki, Trim Guage IS0172b - Suzuki, Trim Gauge Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Tachometer IS0173b - Suzuki, Tachometer Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Fuel Gauge IS0174b - Suzuki, Fuel Gauge Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Voltmeter IS0175c - Suzuki, Voltmeter Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Speedometer IS0176b - Suzuki, Speedometer Installation Manual
Suzuki, Water Pressure Gauge IS0177b - Suzuki, Water Pressure Gauge Installation Instructions
Suzuki, Tachometer with System Monitor IS0178b - Suzuki, Tachometer with System Monitor Installation Instructions
Pilot I - Quick Reference Guide IS0179a - Pilot I Quick Reference Guide
Pilot II - Quick Reference Guide IS0180a - Pilot II Quick Reference Guide.
Honda, Faria 5 Gauge Set IS0183b - Honda, Faria 5 Gauge Set Installation Instructions
Commander (Speedometer) Quick Reference Card IS0187a - Commander Quick Reference Card for Speedometer.
Commander (Tachometer) Quick Reference Card IS0188a - Commander Quick Reference Card for Tachometer.
MG2000 NMEA2000 Tachometer IS0189b - MG2000, NMEA2000 Tachometer Owner’s Manual (1.5mb)
MG2000 GM/ALDL Tachometer IS0195a - MG2000 GM/ALDL Tachometer Owner’s Manual (1.4mb)
Suzuki, Commander Tachometer IS0196b - Suzuki, Commander Tachometer Owner’s Manual (2mb)
Dual Air/Water Temp, Depth Sounder IS0197c - Dual Air/Water Temperature, Depth Sounder
Owner's manual.
Suzuki, Commander Speedometer IS0198a - Suzuki, Commander Speedometer Owner’s manual (1.3 mb)
Suzuki, Fuel Management System IS0205c - Suzuki, Fuel Management System Owner’s Manual
Serial Bus, Monico Vehicle Information System IS0206a - Monaco, Serial Bus Vehicle Information System Owner’s Manual (1.5mb)
Suzuki, Synchronizer IS0207b - Suzuki, Synchronizer Installation Instructions
MG2000 Volvo Tachometer IS0208a - MG2000 Tachometer Owner’s Manual (1mb)
MG2000 Speedometer IS0209b - MG2000 Speedometer Owner’s Manual (1mb)
Serial Bus, GW0016 IS0210a - Serial Bus GW0016 Owner’s Manual(1.2mb)
MG2000 SmartCraft Speedometer IS0211e - MG2000 SmartCraft Speedometer Owner’s
GPS100 Antenna IS0216a - Faria GPS Antenna Owner’s Manual
Electronic, Programmable Speedometer (Basic) IS0218a - Electronic Programmable Speedometer [Basic] Owner’s Manual
Correct Craft Serial Bus with PerfectPass™ IS0219a - 2005 Serial Bus with PerfectPass™ for CorrectCraft® Pleasurecraft GM Engines Owner's Manual (2.4mb)
CorrectCraft Ballast Control IS0220a - CorrectCraft Ballast Control Installation Instructions
MG2000 J1939 Tachometer IS0224a - MG2000 J1939 Tachometer Owner’s Manual (1.7mb)
Manual Engine Control Module IS0225a - 701HC/701HC-NK Manual Engine Control Module Owner’s Manual
Depth Sounder, Flush Mounted, Remotely Switched IS0229a - Digital Depth Sounder, Flush mounted and Remotely Switched Owner’s manual
Coolant Temperature Gauge Replacement Procedure IS0230a - Coolant Temperature Gauge Replacement Procedure
Serial Bus, CorrectCraft GM Pleasurecraft with PerfectPass™ IS0232a - GW0020 Gateway with PerfectPass for CorrectCraft Pleasurecraft GM engines. (3.1 mb)
Faria WatchDog Inc. Vessel Monitoring System IS0239a - Faria WatchDog Inc. Vessel Monitoring System [VMS] Owner’s Manual(2.7mb)
MG2000 Mercury Quick Reference Guide IS0243a - MG2000 Mercury Engine Quick Reference Guide
MG2000 Mercury SmartCraft Quick Reference Guide IS0249a - MG2000 Mercury SmartCraft® Quick Reference Guide
Antares IS0250a - Antares Owner’s manual(7.8mb)
Warranty - Faria Performance Instruments IS0265a Warranty - Faria Performance Instruments
Check here for Warranty Service information
Misc. Instructions
Marine Instruments Fact Sheet IS0060b - Marine Instruments Facts- Battery Connection Warning, Meter Movement Stops, Lens Fogging, Radio Transmissions.
Warranty Registration Card IS0083j - Warranty Registration Card
Sending Unit Resistance Values IS0085e - Sending Unit Resistance Values Sheet
Tachometer, Outboard Applications IS0086p - Tachometer, Outboard Applications Sheet
Faria Gauge Tester IS0087c - Gauge Tester Instructions Sheet
Mercury Optimax Outboard Motors to Analog Gauges IS0126a - Convert Mercury Optimax Outboard Motors for use with Faria Analog gauges. Step by step instructions.
Technical Specification, Gauges Technical Specification - This document provides specifications and dimensions for most of the gauges available at Faria.
Ammeters Help Guide IS0100 - Ammeter Trouble-shooting manual and technical support.
Gauge Quick Reference Guide IS0100 - Gauge Trouble-shooting Quick Reference Guide for Gauge trouble shooting.
Misc. Gauges Help Guide IS0100 - Gauge Trouble-shooting manual and technical support. Includes Fuel, Pressure, Temperature, Rudder Angle and Trim gauges.
Measured Drawings IS0100 - Measured Drawings for most Faria gauges. Note: Case diameter dimension is panel hole requirement.
Speedometers Help Guide IS0100 - Speedometer Trouble-shooting manual and technical support.
Synchronizers Help Guide IS0100 - Synchronizer Trouble-shooting manual and technical support.
Tachometers Help Guide IS0100 - Tachometer Trouble-shooting and technical support.
Voltmeters Help Guide IS0100 - Voltmeter Trouble-shooting manual and technical support.
Special Harness Drawings
HN0325A.pdf 4 and 6 pin connector for Pilot with Ballast.
HN0353a.pdf 4 and 6 pin connectors for the Commander Speedometer.
HN0352a.pdf 6 pin connector for the PerfectPass Commander Speedometer.
HN0366a HN0366a Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) connectors for the Pilot II.
HN0362.pdf Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) Connectors for the Yamaha adaptor for Pilot I.
HN0358.pdf Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) connector for the SystemCheck® Commander Speedometer.
HN0374a.pdf Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) connectors for the Honda adaptor for Pilot II.
HN0365a.pdf Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) connectors for the Pilot I.
HN0363a.pdf Large (6 pin) and Small (4 pin) connectors for the Yamaha adaptor for Pilot II.
HN0354.pdf Large 4 pin connector for Commander Tachometer.
HN0356.pdf Small 4 pin connector for the Commander Tachometer.

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