Plastic / Composite Products

Our plastics and composites division is creating new and exciting products daily. This state-of-the-art facility incorporates vacuum forming, fiberglass, custom paint shop, and computerized trim services. Components are trimmed and cut using a laser cutting system to ensure precise cuts for panels, switches, and components every time.

Materials such as padded vinyl cladding, soft-touch material, and Thermopolyolefin allow us to make unique and extremely durable products. The fiberglass process uses a custom formulated resin to ensure excellent chemical bonding to plastic forms providing outstanding structural integrity.

Truck fenders

MEP has developed three lines of aftermarket fenders for large trucks and semi tractors. Both decorative and functional, we have borrowed some of our marine-based technology in advanced material design and forming.

All fender products are distributed exclusively through Merritt Equipment Company and their associated retailers. To view the full product line, visit the Sentinel Composites website, or visit the Merritt Equipment website for more information on retailers in your area.

The Sentinel Composites Mark-I fender (pictured) is designed to compliment the good looks of your custom rig. These units are designed to be strong and have a beautiful paintable finish. Lighter than standard fiberglass offerings, the Sentinel Brand Super-Single fenders weigh in at only 57 pounds, providing all of the "look" with little of the weight. Match these with decorative chrome strips for a truly custom look. Custom paint colors available or receive them in prep-ready paintable form. Easily mountable with most universal-fit mounting hardware.

The Protector series of fenders are crafted from TPO to withstand the day-to-day abuse of fleet trucks. Painted, these fenders look like they cost hundreds more.

The Poly-Pro! fender is our value positioned fender. Constructed from high density polyethylene, this fender will stand up to the most abusive situations with hardly a scratch.

Marine Items

Command consoles, dash boards, and switch panels are only the beginning. We manufacture scores of components that outfit the interiors of today’s pleasure boats. Specialty materials with vinyl cladding, wood-grain, or colorful patterns set the tone for your boat. There’s no need to use flat aluminum switch panels when we can craft a console that is beautiful and functional.


We manufacture all types of components to address several types of industries. These include: belt guards, electrical control panels, tackle boxes, point-of-purchase retail displays, speaker grills and enclosures, and the list goes on-and-on.

Recreational Vehicle Components

Whether it's golf cars, low speed vehicles (LSV's), or off-road applications, chances are good that we have made products for one of these applications. The popularity of golf car aftermarket items has spawned the MEP-PowerSports brand of aftermarket products. We have fabricated lighting accessories, accessory wiring harnesses, and customized replacement golf car tops. look for MEP-Power Sports branded dash panels, fender flares, and accessory boxes.

Retail Displays

Marine Electrical Products has recently signed a long-term agreement to form the plastic components for the nation's top retailer. In this role, MEP is supplying structural plastic components that will be installed in point-of-purchase displays over 350 retail locations in the U.S. next year and 450 locations in 2011. On time delivery, flexible manufacturing, and an eye for detail helped us to win this contract. The MEP plastics and composites division is anticipating being ranked in the top 100 plastic thermoform centers in the USA for 2010. We are anticipating significant growth in this market through 2011 and 2012 with the addition of  new retail projects.

Let us show you how we can be your next supplier of P.O.P. display components.

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