Electrical systems are the heart of our business. All of our harnesses used tinned wire to resist the harmful effects of corrosion from salt water environments. Each harness is designed by our engineering team and you to ensure that every component, gauge, timer, and accessory is properly powered and that each outlet falls precisely where it is needed in your platform. No shunting wires and butting branches here and there to reach your components. Our harnesses are clean and wrapped to ensure proper fit every time.


Fishing boats, stern drives, utility boats. We have been manufacturing marine electrical harnesses for over 25 years and we supply 6 of the top 10 manufacturers of aluminum boats manufactured in the USA. We supply the electrical infrastructure for every type of craft. Our Just-in-time, lean manufacturing operation allows us to easily change from one design to the next with no interruption in our production schedule. We can build 5 harnesses or 5000 with as little as two weeks lead time. Our color coding system has been adopted by ABYC as the industry standard.

Mobile Applications

Agricultural, automotive, recreational vehicles. We supply harnesses in all types of applications. Need short run warranty stock for older model equipment? We can supply you with the apparatus that you need with short lead times and minimal tooling charges.

Test Equipment - outboard motor tester

Outboard Motor Tester

The MEP Outboard Motor Tester is a valuable tool needed by every boat manufacturer, marina, or boatyard. Test any outboard or I/O motor withour needing to actually installing it into aboat. This durable tool is housed in a waterproof carrycase, includes Tach/Volt/Trim/oil/Temp gauges and switches for Trim I/O, Trim O/B, Safety Stop, Push-to-choke, Tach Pulse setting, and keyed ignition.  This in one tool that you don't want to be without. Can be ordered in black, yellow, or day-glo orange.

Test Equipment - Engine Simulator

Engine simulator

The engine simulator allows any technician to fully test the functionality of a boat’s electrical system without actually hooking up a motor. Test engine overheat, No oil, low oil, fuel sender, trim sender, and tach sender. Powered by 115 VAC or 12V DC for portable use. An essential tool for anybody building, buying, or repairing boats. Adapter cords for all popular engine types. Download Product BulletinDownload User Instructions.