Our Vision

What can MEP do for you,  not,"What do we make"?

This question opens up a lot of opportunities that might be lost if we focused only on the items that we are making today.

At MEP, we partner with our customers, not just provide them a vendor relationship. We are intimately involved in designing new components for boats and displays. We have companies approach us weekly looking for insight into building new things, like waterproof stereo amps and speakers, decorative display components for retailers, and we even had a law enforcement official approach us looking for some crime-scene aids. As a company, we embrace the challenges that American businesses face - be competitive in a global economy. This includes the ingenuity of trying something different, helping out the next startup company, and finding better ways of doing things.

We continue to look for ways to stay on the leading edge for our partners with new quality control programs, automation, and refined product development programs. Modernization of the work processes has increased productivity by 30% providing us a competitive advantage in turn-around time and price competitiveness. Our employees have been challenged to find new and better ways of doing things. All of the things that help our business partners maintain their competitive advantages in the global economy.

New product development is branching into non-marine areas including: point of  purchase display manufacturing, agricultural equipment components, automotive assemblies, and consumer items.