Company Information

Leading-Edge Technologies

MEP works with our suppliers to stay at the forefront of emerging materials and manufacturing techniques. This helps to keep costs in check, and allows the boat builders to offer the most advanced designs to the market.

We make molded parts with padded vinyl cladding, or out of the new soft-touch material, and we are adept at forming parts from TPO, an engineered plastic that is highly resilient in cold climates.

Our fiberglass process uses a custom-formulated resin to ensure good chemical bonding with the plastic forms, for maximum life in the boating environment.

Our paint process uses state-of-the-art automotive-grade materials, with an engineered cure oven to provide a long-lasting, durable finish.

We use laser cutting and etching to trim and decorate the instrument panels, providing precise mounting for switches and instruments, and to apply labeling that withstands years of consumer use.

Commitment to Customer Service

Marine Electrical Products is dedicated to providing rapid response solutions for our customers. At two weeks, our typical lead time is the shortest in the industry, allowing the boat builders to keep minimum inventories. This in turn allows any updates to be rolled out quickly.  

All our products are custom-designed for each individual boat builder, tailored to each specific application. We see ourselves as an integral part of the boat builder’s means to deliver the highest quality, best-performing boats available.

Quality… Price… Service… All three are available from Marine Electrical Products, in every product we offer.