Automatic Livewell Aeration Controller

Livewell Aerator Control Center

The MEP Livewell Aerator Control Center is a favorite of serious fisherman. The module allows for your livewell to be aerated intermitantly, keeping your fish in perfect condition for as long as you are on the water. This unit comes complete with everything you need to install and operate. 

Phase Charger from Bass Pro

12 Volt Phase Charger

Housed in an easily installed 2" x 3" x 1-1/2" package, this XPS® 12V Phase Charger senses when the alternator output indicates that the crank battery is charged, then an internal 4-amp relay connects the troll and crank batteries in parallel so that the troll battery is charged while the motor is running. When the motor is turned off, and the alternator output is no longer present, the parallel circuit is opened and the troll and crank batteries are isolated for use. All operations are automatic after installation. Click on image for link to For a pdf of detailed installation intructions, click here and you will be directed to a page with technical information. Just click on the document that you want and it will download to your computer.

This is for 12V systems only.
Note: This charger must be used for boats with an electric start. Two cables hook to the alternator and two to the battery that needs charging. Charging occurs while the motor is running, indicated by a red light.

Battery Gauge from Bass Pro

 Battery Condition Gauge

Know if your battery needs charging or if it still has enough juice - all at the touch of a button. Easily installed gauge tells you the charge status of 1 or 2 onboard batteries instantly. LED lights indicate E (empty), 25%, 50%, 75% or F (full) energy level. Easy to install. Durable for years of trouble-free service.

Trolling Motor Receptacle

 Trolling Motor Receptacle

The Trolling Motor receptacle is the companion product to the MEP trolling motor plug. Designed to work in concert, the trolling motor receptacle is built from the same high quality, durable, one-piece injection molded plastic. This unit is designed to work year after year without fail. The MEP trolling motor receptacle features a spring loaded hinged cover that keeps the elements out wehn not in use. Used by more boat manufacturers as orginal equipment. Suitable for 12/24/36 volt motors that use a two wire setup. Click on the image for a direct link to

Trolling Motor Plug

 Trolling Motor Plug

The MEP trolling motor plug is used in more original equipment applications than any other trolling motor plug. Durable injected molded construction ensures that this plug will withstand years of unfailing service. Available with10-gauge wire  for 12-volt motors and 8-gauge wire for 24 and 36-volt motors that use two wires. Designed to be used in conjunction with the MEP trolling motor receptacle. Click on image for link to


Factory Direct Pontoon Boat Consoles

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Bellingham Captiva Manistique  Shorewood

Test Equipment

MEP Motor Simulator - Pre Rig tester used to validate electrical systems. No motor hook up required

Dashboard in a Box - Portable tester used to verify outboard motor functions independently.